Friday, October 24, 2008

Android Market: An Alternative way to market our Android Program

Today i visit android developer blog and found article about Android Market. It is a place for user to browse applications have been developed with android and for now it is free to download them. For Developer, It is a chance to publish their work. And in the future They can distribute a paid application.

User that have Android Phone can rich their phone app by download it, and maybe try it before buy one.

This place would be an increased place day by day. As developer will make it as a chance to distribute their applications whether it is a paid application or a free application. For placing an application, Developer will be charge a fee $25 for first time only. Once registered, the application can be downloaded by user without further validation or approval.

I think $25 just a personal guarantee for developer's resposibility for their application, and they will have 70% of paid application bought by user.

Anyway, I see that Android Market is a chance for both developers and users.
Congrat to Android Market.