Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sample Android Database Application

For interacting with database, i have created a simple complete application using database in android. You can take a look at this application at my Contact Application in googlepages. You are free to download the sample code.

This application contains Contact Database, and some database manipulation. Fields included in the table are Contact Name, Address, Mobile Phone Number, and Home Phone Number. You can add, edit, and delete the contact.

I'm sure it will help you much to study database application inside android.
ok, have a nice try!

Good Luck !

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Learning by Doing ?
Just Visit
Study Contact Database Application
and there is Android UI Design at there.


Omar F said...

Hi bhayangkara,

My name is Omar and I came across your great example.
I can see a lot of value-added in your sample.
I did a sample myself, which you can find in: see the Third Party Tutorial by Omar F. [interestingly we had the same idea of going low budget with googlepages :-) ]
I want to build from the above sample into an app that can use the intention, android biggest challenge.
I found out your example, ran it and loved it!
My idea is to come up with some sort of app that allows the user to read a book in their phone. I have been tinkering with it for a while and have some ideas how to proceed. My concern is how to make sure that the db will be populated and ready to go when the user install the app...
Also your editor of html is great. I share that with you, that my strength so far is visual basic.
Omar F

PS: For your reference, there is an online editor in that besides generating it also can also Load an html.

Rahul said...

can you please update your code to the recent SDK..

I am unable to compile it

Wasabi said...

This code doesn't work anymore. The SDK has changed (and so has the way of using it).

Anonymous said...

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Rajneesh said...

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Bhayangkara said...


Maybe it's better if you put your contact and global description of your requirement, so, me or Readers of this blog can contact you about your requirement.

Hope you get good candidate match your requirement.

Do you plan to participate in the ADC II too ?

Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

Nice !!!!!!!!

Try this too,

Create Android databases

Paresh Mayani said...

This code doesn't run successfully.........i have run it but runtime exception generated